Your hair's like mine in that second picture of yours. I'm guessing you're a 3b/c.

As far as the whole "Jewfro" thing, there actually is such a thing. The Ashkenazi Jews can be and are identified genetically and a fair percentage of us (I'm Jewish and many other things) have extremely curly hair (a lot of women straighten theirs so you wouldn't know).

But the term "Jewish" in the genetic sense is a group of people with common genes who've historically practiced Judaism as a group. Ashkenazi (European) Jews were ethnically homogeneous until about 1940 (didn't mix with other ethnic groups and suffered very specific diseases because of it - then most emigrated to the US), and although that generation shows 100% European ancestry in genetic tests, many have some variation on the "Jewfro". So it seems to be a trait specific to that group of Jews that couldn't have come from African, Latin or Asian ancestry.

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