I just laugh sometimes when I log on and the website is called naturallycurly and all the posts on the General Discussions page are about the gazillions of products we use to achieve our "natural" hair.
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LOL good point! I've always been pretty much a minimalist when it comes to makeup and hair. After I moved from NY and FL, my hair started to change for the worse, sending me to the 'net in search of help, leading me here. I would read all these raves about various products and go on a spending spree, convinced that Curl Junkie/Jessicurl/Curly Kinks/etc etc was going to be the silver bullet to fix my hair issues.

Many dollars and disappointments later, I've settled on a handful of products that work well for me. I still feel that temptation to buy the latest and greatest product whenever I read glowing reviews, but I'm much better at resisting that urge.

My daily routine is:
1. Low-poo with AG re:coil
2. Slather AG re:coil conditioner
3. Detangle with a wide tooth comb
4. Rinse with cold water
5. Scrunch in product (subject to change; at the moment it's Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd)
6. Plop in Diva Dryer for 25 minutes
7. Clip with CHS roller jaw clamps until I have to leave the house
8. Air dry

Most days, I get good curl definition and volume with minimal frizz and effort. Of course, YMMV