Hi Ljpizzo I know you posted this a while ago, but I just wanted to tell you that what you wrote about your hair describes my hair exactly. I've been feeling like my hair is more 2c lately too, especially when I see pictures of my hair where is looks noticeably more curly. But I've been growing my hair out, and I think the length pulls out some of the curl.
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Ya know based on me stalking around CurlTalk, and seeing your pics I wanna say we have very similar hair. It's funny because Since I joined I also discovered the Wavy Hair Community on facebook and I haven't shown my face much on there since then. Its funny that this long later I go look at the 3a thread and there is my post right at the top!

Thank you everyone for the nice words! Since I posted this I have become a total PJ and products and techniques definitely help a lot. The biggest struggle I'm having still is that the hair on my crown is vastly different than the rest... I could almost map out my scalp and tell you where the 3b/3a region (crown), the 2c region (around my face), the 2b region is my under layer and the pesky hairs right around my ears are 2b after I SOTC and then go to 2a or some of them are completely straight at the end of the day.

I love my hair but I wish it would all be the same!!! there is nothing I hate more than beautiful ringlets sitting next to straight stringlets!