I have the same problem but it's on the side of my head around my ears. From my profile you can see the 3a(sometimes 3b) curls in the back and my pretty 2c wirls in the front, but around my ears I am 2a sometimes 2b if I'm lucky. The best luck I have had is... To ignore it. I've tried everything and usually the more I fuss with it the more frizz I get so I'm better off not fussing and letting it go.

However 1 time (never been able to replicate it) I spritzed those dry strands with watered down AG curl trigger, scrunched, then pixie diffused just that spot onHiGH heat for 1-2 minutes, SOTC and had gorgeous curls that lasted for that evening. bUT those spots where very very dry and frizzier than the rest of my head. Tried the same thing the next day and all I got was dry frizz, no extra curl. But maybe try it out.