Giovanni has protein. I can't use the shampoo or the leave in. I only use the conditioner, but a good conditioner is dessert essence coconut conditioner
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Wish I could use it, Sista... (DE Coco). I am puzzled about coconut, as I am protein sensitive and my hair LOVES my twice monthly deep infusions of pure, virgin coconut oil. (Which I now know has protein in it?) But when I tried the Desert Essences coconut products, my hair looked like I had shoved my finger in an electric socket - and I have really fine 2C hair! lol! It was frizzing and waving and wiring - dancing on its own...and not in a good way! I so wanted to love the Desert Essences, but no...I can't go around looking like I stepped out of a!

Any idea why coconut oil might be ok, but none of the other coconut products, anyone? I once tried to add coconut milk to my coco oil treatment, with much regret...I guess just TOO much protein?
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Coconut actually isn't a protein, though it may act as a protein for some, because it helps slow down protein loss in hair. However, coconut cream and coconut milk does contain protein, but the oil does not. Also, sometimes it's not what certain ingredient is in a product that really affects hair, but how much of it is in it and what combination it is used in. Some conditioners can have protein that can be really low in the ingredient list or the moisturizing ingredients outweighs the protein effects or balances it. Just saying.