Hey all,

So i'm pretty new to the CG method. At this point I think i'm on information overload.

Here's the situation:

I have 2b/c long hair. However due to a crappy salon a month ago, my hair is extremely porous (and breaking). I'd like to make it healthy again. Currently, I use Jessicurl Gentle Shampoo 1/wk, and DevaCurl One No poo other days with the Deva Curl One Conditioner. I also started to use the Moroccan Oil Intense Repair Mask 1/wk.

The thing is even before the hair fiasco, I never found that the DevaCurl Cond was slippy enough to not still have tangles when I tried to comb it through, or made a difference much in my hair at all.

My hair is so brittle right now and I'd like to bring it back to life if possible.
I saw a lot of recs on this forum, but not for my hair type. Anyone recommend a good treatment plan for a 2b fine hair with high porosity?
Conditioners? Leave-in? Should I use a protein treatment and/or deep treatment?

Please help my hair!!