I am sorry, Narnia. Many T's & P's headed your way.

If your Aunt continues to fight against a home, could a home nurse possibly come to the house and stay? My mom and her siblings hired a woman who stayed either days or nights when my grandmothers dementia became to much to handle. She was so helpful.
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Now that there has been a diagnosis the idea of moving him to a home has been moved off the table. Had the diagnosis been dementia it would be different but the CT scan revealed a large brain tumor and that explains why it came on so fast. My grandmother will take care of him and spoil him, as the Dr only estimated a month.
Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and good vibes. It means more than you all know <3
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With a sudden onset and diagnosis like that, it is completely understandable. Home is where most people would want to be and I am sure everyone wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Just keep in mind that home aid (or Hospice) still might be a helpful option, if your grandmother finds it too hard and needs help. I know it's physically and mentally exhausting being a care giver.

Again, I am so sorry. Thinking about you and your family.
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