OH MY GOD SARIA NOW I'M SCARED OF EVERYTHING I MUST SCRAP MY PLANS FOR A GLOBAL COUP SO I CAN BUILD A SQUADRON OF ROAD RUNNER BODYGUARDS IMMEDIATELY. Hooooly crap. I like it way better when I read about insects that cause blindingly intense pain with a sting and look like freaking death with wings and can just pick a region on the globe where I should never go. But - but road runners are the only ones badass enough to eat them and road runners live here! And I see them so seldom so I am unprotected. Also WTF is wrong with you New Mexico I get wanting something cool to represent your state but a bug of doom?!?! And you did it it my birth year, too! Now it's like we're intertwined and no part of my destiny shall ever relate to the demonspawn hellbeast known as the tarantula hawk. No thank you. Nope. Gotta go forget it ever existed now (which I think I've done before...the name "tarantula hawk" is super familiar and I may have learned about it in school). I knew I shouldn't have clicked but I couldn't resist!

First thought about commercial fan fiction: someone somewhere must have written a horror story based on that Burger King dude with the plastic face who just pops up in your bed and stuff all "hey wassup I have a burger for you."

speed will meth you up.

I need to keep eating candy.
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FTFY [ETA - but only if this is a comment relating to your meth pun. If it relates to candy tummy aches then I retract the correction]

Fifi, is the gunfire to distract from noises meth makes while cooking or is it some sort of "we have meth and firepower, so don't mess and also come buy our drugs" display? Whatever they're doing over there (besides, like...cooking meth), I do not approve of them raising hell over in your neck of the woods.

Minxy, I am so glad you've made this choice for your mental health. (((Hugs))) for the bad feelings and YAY for loving yourself first!

I never go on Facebook and also can't connect this account with my "RL" self any more because I couldn't handle people in my life having access to some of the personal things I've said on here. But if there is a mass exodus from NC.com, I'mma need some other way to keep up with the latest opinions and ramblings of all the awesome posters on here. CONFLICT. D': I also think the forum format is the best for containing our special brand of silliness. I really want this one to not get too annoying for us to play in.

Apparently people use krokodil when they're super addicted to heroin and can't afford it anymore, because krokodil's way cheaper. That explains being willing to have your flesh and bones rot through just to get high - they're already way far gone. It's so sad and disturbing and those images are so incredibly gross. My brain wants to declare it zombie special effects makeup and file it away as "fake" so as not to have to process it.

So much dust. All up in my lungs, making my hair smell funny despite the shower and the avoidance of all things that still remain to be cleaned. I have cleaned so many things today!!! I had to pause so many times and stare at everything and force myself to move. Wanna blame iron loss from my period, know that that specific sense of fatigue has a different source. I never could have done all this if I hadn't teamed up with my mom and had some outside force to latch onto. Ugh, I have so much left to do...but it's also way less than it was before. I'm gonna kill it!

I totally want to make a meme about not putting murrrcat in the corner. Blame it on the sunrise, everybody. Ha, and my mom said I would sleep well tonight. I repeat, HA!

Why do I always have to read EVERYTHING on this thread when I come back to it, even if I end up staying up until 7 am to do so? Why did that Gangnam Style song break through to be a hit in the US when there are much more fun, catchy and amusing K-pop songs just in the selection my friends have shown me? Is it the video that I've been told I need to watch? Is Speckla secretly a pin-up model with a cardboard Elvis for a beau? Can I choke a ***** for putting Scrills through even more crap right now? That last one is a much more serious question, but also cannot be totally serious because I don't want a murder rap. But for real, that's some BS.


omg just sleep wtf are you doing

...It's a siggie.

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