Okay I have been doing a great job with my daughter's hair so far. She has 4b/c type of hair. Her hair is super thick and long. It's past her shoulders. But now that she is getting older and I have another little girl doing her hair is starting to be terrible. I wash it every other week because I usually have it as twist or small braids. Her hair doesn't get that dirty I don't oil her scalp because it makes her scratch it more. I do put moisturizer on her hair and scalp. It gets tangled so easily and I need a new hair regiment that will help her hair be more manageable. Her hair is soft too. I have tried moisturizing it before I wash it and kinda combing thru it and putting it in braids then washing it and conditioning it. Then using a detangler and leave in conditioner to help comb through it and it still hurts her. So can someone please help. I really don't want to but a texterizer in but I may have to help stretch out these kinks.
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