My hair is color treated and porous, and it seems to be on it's best behavior when I feed it some protein. In the Fall I tried to do the CG routine, and coincidentally the conditoners that I used didn't have much, if any, protein in them. My hair never experienced that miraculous transformation that most people get when they are on CG. In fact, I think my hair actually got drier. A few months ago I did an Aphogee DT and my hair looked better than it's looked in about 6 months. After that, I decided to start using my Biolage conditioner (which also has some 'cones in it) and my hair seems to be on it's way to making a comeback. It curls a lot better and a bit more consistently all over my head, and the dry fuzzy patch in the back seems to be going away. As far as i'm concerned, proteins and 'cones are my friends
2 of my 3 boys
USED to think I was a 2 b/c wavy, until I started growing out my very short hair and discovered I'm actually a 3 a/b curlyhead!