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Alicia Ward, TextureMedia's director of marketing, asked me to share this with you:

We introduced Trending Topics to help share other great online content that we think our readers would find valuable. As it is a new feature, however, we are still sifting through the vast amount of information out there to present what is most educational, entertaining and relevant to our diverse audience. We apologize if any of the content presented was offensive in any way.

Our mission has always been, and continues to be supporting our community to feel good and proud of who they are each and every day. We greatly appreciate and value your feedback, and will continue to rely on it as we explore and refine new ways to help educate, empower and support our community of readers.
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These trending topics need to stop. They are offensive.

How are you sifting through the information to show what is relevant to us?

From Crowd Ignite:

Additionally, we are smart with what we show in the widget. We make sure the type of content that shows up in the widget is appropriate for the website. For example, we make sure that itís the right category of content, make sure that inappropriate content doesnít show up, and that the demographics match up (age, and gender).
They are not making sure content is appropriate for this website.

What is being done to stop this?