I know grease has been getting a bad reputation for just about everything to do with curly hair. BUT.... i will say this... it is the ultimate sealant! and guess what ... a pretty good heat protectant ( if you don't mind greasy hair ... which i don't)
what we all fail to realize is that petroleum products have a high capacity for heat, and work as a great heat protectant for hair.

In fact, petroleum jelly is the only approved heat protectant by the FDA (at least for skin)
Initially, black hair care products used petrolatum as heat protectant, and honestly growing up I do not recall ever having hair scorched or burned, or even problems with curls not reverting. (My hair was butt length until I got to sophomore year in H.S. and cut it off to stop being teased and to "fit in" with the crowd).

I currently use these types of products(specifically blue magic) to straighten my hair and have no problems with heat damaged curls. I set my flat iron to 350 -400 degrees at the max (hair burns at 451).

My question to you all is
how have your experiences been with it at a protectant ( i know we all used it that way at some point our lives)?
did your curls revert?
other than the greasiness was their ever a problem with using it as a heat protectant for moderate heat straightening (no excessive heat eg. more than the burning point of hair 451 degrees)? ... honestly i believe that this is wear most went wrong with it as a protectant... too much heat! everyone wants to set their flat iron to the max heat when that much heat is definitely not necessary IMO.

but yeah... ready to read what you guys think and possibly hear some of your theories and research on the matter. ps. check out this link.. Synthetic Oils to Combat Dry Hair - Learn | Hair Liberty :: Free Yourself

(oct. 2011)

current length: just below BSL (Oct 2012)
type: 3b/ 3c(at crown)
daily: rose water and scrunch
Every 3 days heavily Massage in EVOO mix then shampoo with Shea moisture and air dry. (no conditioner)

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