All you girls have B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L hair! And I say that honestly.... ! Me? I don't even know my hair type (Wahh ) I believe I'm in the mostly in the 4s and a little magic of the 3s, the WHOLE front section is sooooo loose! When wet it even waves!! I believe I'm in the 3s in my front. It's my favorite part of my hair! The back is ALMOST like the front, the curls are a bit more tight, and even a few coils. The sides? Well...

My sides are ALLLLLLLLL coils. Coil,coil,COIL! I thought my hair was 4c on the sides but then i found that 4c's dont necessary have coils, and their hair feels like "cotton". My hair is bumpy,bumpy,bumpy. My side coils are some S's and some Z's. Thanks!
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