I'm constantly changing my products and routine to improve it. Right now here's what I do:

Low po with Shea moisture moisture retention shampoo (others I like are CJ gentle cleansing shampoo, CD Monoi shampoo), condition with SS Caitlin's conditioner.

I do this once, go 2-3 days, then add a little SS protein between shampoo/condish, go another 3 days or so and repeat.

Every couple weeks I'll use Dermalogica shampoo to clarify, some protein quickly, and SS deep treatment as a rinse out

I style I use either CJ CCCCL or Deva curl cream, then always CJ Curl Queen. I comb it out, add curl cream then use a denman brush.

Lately I've tried something new because my top layer always lays flat.

I've starred parting one side above my ears and flipping the rest over my head, then bushing/scrunching that under side, scrunching in my CQ and diffusing for about 2 min. Then I do the same on the other side. Then part in the middle and do the top layers one at a time. Sometimes I'll do the back in two sections but not always.

After this I diffuse all of it for another few minutes, let it completely air dry and SOTC with no product.

About half the time it turns out well, other times its pretty frizzy with looser curls. Still trying to perfect the art