Hey everyone I'm new here

So I have this problem, I want to use a rinse-out conditioner as a leave-in since most leave-in conditioners I've used are too light. I've lurked in this forum and found that lots of members do it. So I used some Aussie Moist as a leave in after I washed my hair last night. It was fine until I woke up with an itchy scalp ): no bueno.
I've read online that rise-out conditioners have an ingredient that can cause skin irritation.

I'm planning on getting another condition to try out, does anyone have any suggestions?

By the way, I live in Canada (Toronto). Many of the people here are from the USA I'm assuming, since they recommend products I cannot find here.

I was thinking about buying a bottle of Live Clean Purple Jewel (for curly hair) as a leave-in since it's a natural product. I also heard Tresemme Naturals is good too. Any Canadian gals or guys here want to help me out?

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