After about a month of only using Devacurl No-Poo, a CG friendly conditioner, Devacurl styling products, flax seed gel (homemade) and jojoba hair got limp, straight and just weird. It didn't feel oily or icky, just weird and not itself. Straight and strange limpness.

So I shampoo'ed. It curled back up. I am thinking I got some build-up. Maybe from the flax seed gel? I do not use silicones and haven't in years, so it wasn't that.

I tried CG back in 2004. "True" CG, modified..You name it. Messed with it for 3 years. Got some allergies and gave up. I have been using mild shampoo ever since, and no silicones.
This summer I decided to try again, got the new CG book (I had the old back then). Doesn't seem to work this time either.

It makes me wonder how many "true" CG really works for? How many can follow what is in the book (and I do love the idea of it) and get away with it for life, not used for time periods, without the hair going weird? I tried so many products back then, did deep treatments, stuff. A constant catch-up to please the hair..My hair took way more time to deal with than before I found the CG book..I just could not make it work. Oh well. No big deal. I am just wondering...does it work in real life...?

Anyways, just pondering this a bit this evening.
Over & out.
3a, low porosity, medium & fine texture, high density...