I actually had your same problem. The top of my natural hair was wavy while the back was tightly coiled. My hair was this way because I damaged it on accident by excessive use of flat irons. So I'm never using flat irons again or blow dryers. I'm terrified of any type of heat now. But how I fixed it was doing a beer rinse. The acid in beer restores the curl pattern on natural hair. I did it about 3 times and it worked great. I also trimmed my ends. However in your case though because of the texturizer, I'm not sure if a beer rinse or anything can restore the curl pattern because of the chemicals that were put into your hair. I think your best bet may be to grow out the texturizer. I know its not fun to start from scratch, but health while always be more important than length. And with healthy hair, the length will come. =)
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