I haven't tried the CJ Repair Me yet, but love their other products. (I only get them when Curl Mart is having a sale!) The SM Yucca & Baobab smells so bad I had to wash my hair three times to get the smell out and STILL got a migraine from it. BEWARE! Worst smelling product on earth, IMO. Have you tried just dampening/detangling your hair, whisking and egg, and brushing it carefully over the length of your hair and letting it sit for 20 minutes? This is a great PT for me; I rinse it out and then follow with something moisturizing and am good to go.
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Yeah, I've heard the smell of SM Yucca Baobab can be overwhelming! On the other hand, I'm not a fan of putting egg in my hair plus I've heard hydrolyzed proteins (like gelatin, which is hydrolyzed collagen) are more effective on hair. AO GBP is working well for me... But after your endorsement I'm one step cloer to being a PJ for CJ.

I like the repair me better. It doesn't leave my hair feeling like straw like other protein treatments. I tried the yucca mask and it left my hair dry. That smells will stay on your hands for days and it's quite strong (perfume & flowers).
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Thanks for the comparative review, moosegrl_86!
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