I think I have low porosity hair. My hair definitely doesn't like a lot of protein. At one point, I thought my hair was high porosity, but I think that was from heat damage. So, I am going to try to stay away from heat for awhile. However, I was confused about a characteristic of low porosity hair. It mentions that its resistant to chemicals. My hair is resistant to color. It takes a lot to lift my base color and it only lifts at the root (I believe it is due to the roots/scalp conducting heat so my cuticles open up more). But when I would get a relaxer, it took less processing time, but I do have really fine hair.

I do find that its hard to get moisture in my hair after its been washed. That's why I dislike wash days because it takes so much to get it back into my hair. I did see a tip that I may try which would be to heat up your conditioner before using it. I've also had the hardest time trying to find a super moisturizing conditioner to use as a co-wash and as a leave in.
BC Oct 08
Protein Sensitive
Poo: SheaMoisture Retention Shampoo
Co-wash: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Condish
DT: Qhemet AOHC
Stylers: Qhemet Honey Bush Gel or SheaMoisture Deep Masque Treatment