I did. The color match is HORRIBLE. They really failed with this one.
I know they keep changing the names of the loose powders. But I've always been able to find my shade. The compact powders run lighter. I tried the darkest one just to see how it felt and the coverage it had (it has neutral undertones and I have red so I knew it was not going to be an exact match) and it was still too light on me. My usual shade is warm deep (which they are now calling medium deep). The current warm deep is for yellow undertones. WHY DO THEY KEEP CHANGING THE NAMES??????

I don't like the scent they have in the compact foundations. I make my own moisturizer and I purposely do not put fo or eo in it because I like fragrance free face stuff. The smell of the powder lingered all day after the lady put it on me (and insisted it was a color match--it was not) and it was quite irritating to me. So I took it back (hadn't used it).

If you have fragrance sensitivities, don't bother with the compact.

I started using NARS tinted moisturizer (Polynesia) and I love that so much. I don't need much coverage at all and this works for me. For powder, I'll stick with Valana Minerals or my Matte BE. And I can layer it over my NARS and voila, full coverage for me.

I also like MUFE Velvet + Mat (I'm #80 I think) for when I want a flawless/airbrushed look.

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