Well since i have had thin brittle hair my entire life i didn't suspect that anything was wrong with me and nothing was. I recently went to 3 different stylist who all told me something completely different. I have been researching mustard oil and argan oil but i basically have a new head of hair i don't know what to put on it. I was told by one person to get a protein treatment and leave it alone and by another to get it cut frequently and get deep conditioning treatments. My hair is pissed off! And im pissed off for ruining it. Another lady told me that its not possible to ruin your cuticles because they are constantly grown or something? and since i have curly hair that i always will it just takes time to come back. The reason i haven't really done much with my hair is i don't trust what these people are telling me! And i dont want to do anythign else to make it worse (if thats even possible) I think i will try the oils, ACV. Thank you Kork and Muffin you all have given me more input than half of the salons i went to i will try some of this and pray something works!