I tried the Garnier, and, for my skin it was nasty. Not only did it cover like a weird plastic mask, it smelled strongly of ethanol (alcohol denat), and it made me break out in cystic acne. Yucky!
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This doesn't surprise me - I've heard horrid things about the Garnier and silver tube L'Oreal.
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Sorry to quote you both, Gardencurls and Bookgirl - I didn't do that to point a finger at you gals,I just wanted to make my point about Garnier.

I have been using the Garnier BB cream for a month now, and I have a few things to note about it: First, BB creams in general are actually supposed to improve your skin tone, not just hide it...and Garnier did that for me, for sure. I actually noticed fine lines around my eyes "disappearing" - really! Even when I wash my face at the end of the day, some of the crepe-y, super fine lines around my eyes are gone! Also I have noticed a good reduction in the lines that go from nose to mouth. They are not nearly so pronounced. Same for my frown lines.

Garnier is a bit heavy and greasy, so it is better for people with older, dryer skin. I am 51 and have dry skin and am often outdoors in harsh winter conditions, so my skin drinks this up like no tomorrow. I have a very pale complexion, so the light to medium shade suited my skin - but in the summer, I would never be able to wear this, as I go quite olive in the summer. (Garnier does not have many choice of colours - they only have three, I think. )

After I have done my face, I wipe the excess from my palms on the backs of my hands and massage it in. My hands look at least ten years younger! Yay! And even after it has washed off, the benefits are still there.

I haven't tried other brands, I would love to try something from Japan...but can't just now. But I do know the Garnier BB is good for some people. My neighbor also uses it and loves it. I find it spreads easily and gives consistent results, and it does downplay my freckles/uneven skin tone. I use it as a base under my tinted moisturizer, and I still look natural, and not overly made up...

So, like hair products, facial products work differently on each individual. One thing to note about the Garnier BB is it takes a good ten minutes to seep and settle into skin, so you need to give it a minute!

Also, I did see on another PJ website that they are now coming out with a CC cream! lol! Apparently, the Olay CC cream is already available in the States. Progress, my friends! I am allll for it....
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