So many dumb curly questions are based on race, which drives me crrrraaaazzzyyyy! *got that off my chest*

Dumbest question anyone ever asked me: "if you are Native (Canadian Indian), how come you have curly hair? Everyone knows Aboriginal Natives have straight hair!"

Dumbass. My mother was a white French lady. I have inherited her hair genes. And I have my father's native face. I inherited those genes from his side. In any case, why does any of that matter...? I am a human being with curly hair, that's all.... My hair doesn't *have* a race!
Finer, mixed with coarser strands, low-porosity, wavy curly whirly hair...3A, 2C hair. Medium thickness, medium elasticity.
S-shaped hair with corkscrew ends. My hair is even more confused than me ;p
My hair officially hates protein Once a month is enough!
Currently a fan of TiGi products, (rock on, TiGi Curlesque styling creme!) but that will soon change - I am a self-avowed product junkie! Yay!
BIG fan of supersoaker method - thanks Rudeechick!