Hi Guys , I came to post my experience about the change in results on my hair since the CDTG went to the pump, but I see West, posted the link to our facebook convo about it. But basically it feels the same going on and smells the same but its just seems to be less moisturizing after application. Before your hair was moisturized for days after using and really could act as styler as well as detangler/conditioner. Now it seems to have less slip and my hair seemed dry the next day. It detangles but not as well as before. Its hard to describe because if you hadnt tried the original you may not notice but its just not as good as it was before, but it does what it supposed to do just not the extra. I almost feel like it could have been intentional cause if you have to add other products from the line they benefit more, I have recently found 3 reviews since the bottle change since the product was good but didnt have enough slip or moisture. (http://lovenaturalsunshine.tumblr.co...ing-ghee-bliss, and unfurlthecurl, and hairscapades blog) The love natural said she mixed with the Burdock Root to get the needed moisture, but it previously didnt need that unless you just wanted to use the other stylers as well , i know as I have the others as well in samples. Before the CCDTG was my all around product but now it needs other products to do the same job as before. I am looking for a replacement since it now looks like I may have to spend 30- 40 bucks to get what at 15 product used to do. HIH someone else.

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