I just wanted to clarify that this is definitely what I would consider a co-wash (as the name implies) and not a true "cleansing" conditioner
As I am calls it a "cleansing conditioner" but you're right it is co wash.

Cetrimonium Methosulfate which is in the Hydration Elation conditioner also has similar properties as centrumonium chloride and Stearlkonium chloride. If someone found the coconut co wash stripping they may do well with the conditioner in this line. I find Stearlkonium chloride & centrumonium chloride high in the list makes my hair feel coated and it creates frizz on me. I prefer Cetrimonium Methosulfate or behentrimonium methosulfate as my cleansing conditioner ingredients. When I finally go through 10yrs worth of conditioner I might give the Elation a try
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