I haven't tried the CJ Repair Me yet, but love their other products. (I only get them when Curl Mart is having a sale!) The SM Yucca & Baobab smells so bad I had to wash my hair three times to get the smell out and STILL got a migraine from it. BEWARE! Worst smelling product on earth, IMO.
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I like the repair me better. It doesn't leave my hair feeling like straw like other protein treatments. I tried the yucca mask and it left my hair dry. That smells will stay on your hands for days and it's quite strong (perfume & flowers).
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L'Oreal's EverCreme cleansing conditioner had that effect on me (MAJOR headache), but I haven't had an issue with the SM Y&B. I haven't tried the mask yet, but I use the poo and conditioner regularly. They do smell strongly of gardenia, similar to CJ Curl Rehab's coconut-gardenia scent. I happen to like it alot, but if you're sensitive it could be a problem.

CJ RM just didn't do anything for me, but judging from the board, I'm an exception in that regard.

I've got 2 rainchecks from CVS burning a hole in my pocket, and I'm tempted to get both the yucca and the purification masques. I'll post a review if (who's kidding whom, when) I do.