I <3 CJ Repair Me I especially love that I don't need to do a separate DT afterwards since it's really moisturizing. I've never tried the SM treatment, but I do use the SM Y&B shampoo and I actually kind of like the smell. I have a lot of hair and it loves protein so I only use the RM maybe once a month. I use Mill Creek Keratin Repair conditioner as a RO and occasional PT to help offset the cost of the CJ since the Mill Creek is only $5 for a 16oz bottle on Vitacost and it's cruelty free, which is important to me. I'm holding out for a SM BOGO sale somewhere and then maybe I'll give the mask a shot. I'm always looking for cheap alternatives to the pricey brands I love so much!
Southern WI curly ~ mostly 2b/c with 2a/b underlayer and a few 3a curls on top
Low porosity, fine hair but LOTS of it!
Loves protein. Dislikes butters and heavy oils.
Working toward natural products and streamlining!!
Current Loves: JCCC, Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner, AG Recoil, CK Coil Jam