I know alot of people here use OCM for their acne. My situation is a bit different and thought I would throw my 2 cents in for anyone who has the same issues as I do. I have normal and sometimes dry flaky skin. I don't really have any wrinkles or fine lines because the dry skin thing is relatively new. I was normal oily all through my 20's. (39 years old now) I was diagnosed with rosasea about a year ago. No cleaners that were supposed to be for this problem worked...it seemed to make it worse. So, I decided to give OCM a try...I had nothing to lose at that point. It has been wonderful for my rosacea! Most days I forget I even have it. The only time I have issues is when other outside factors trigger it (like spicy foods and caffeine). After reading through the thread, I don't recall seeing anyone mention it, but I use avocado oil. It is supposed to be really good for dry and/or aging skin. It is also loaded with vitamins, amino acids and proteins. (I use a mixture of 5% co, 95% avocado, a dash of tea tree when I have a rare zit) I only use 5% co because more left my skin feeling too tight and dry. I could probably do without it completely, but I like the cleansing benefits. If I feel I need more moisture, I add a drop of Argan oil after I am finished cleansing (buy in bulk or generic...so much cheaper than brands like Tarte). In the morning I just rinse with water and moisturize with Argan. I'm thinking about adding Sea Buckthorn Oil in there because it is supposed to have amazing properties as far as helping age/sun spots to fade. Anyway, hope this information helps someone out there!