Hi! Welcome! Your hair looks a lot like my husbands hair. He also has low porosity hair, as do I.

I don't quite understand what you mean by "baby hair" because to me baby hair is so soft and pretty and I only wish my hair was as soft as baby hair. For him, he washes and conditions (he doesn't do CG like I do) and he dries his hair enough to get the drip off, applies a bunch of gel and lets it air dry. He washes every 3 days, unless he uses too much product and he needs a wash.

As far as that style I think you won't have problem doing that with shorter hair. My husband achieves his style (similar to that guy) with Bed Head Rock Hard Gelee or LA Looks level 10 hold. His isn't quite as long as the person in the photo you put, but he does have that messy yet stylish look. If he lets his hair get too long it curls too much to get this though and he's in for another haircut lol.

Hope this helped a little bit. It's really all your own preference how much you wash your hair. What's really important is learning your hair properties so that when you do wash your hair you are giving your hair what it needs to be healthy. ^_^
2(I have no idea what pattern), low porosity, mix of medium and coarse, dense

*Have just discovered the amazingness that is the "Spritz and Condish" routine*

Shampoo: SM Moisture Retention Shampoo
Co-wash: VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea Clarifying Conditioner
RO: GVP CB, Garnier Triple Nutrition
LI : Whatever conditioner I used + EVOO or Argon oil
Stylers: Organix Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Creme, EcoStyler Gel (krystal)

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