Oh! Thanks for letting me know, Alice. Here in Canada we are, seriously, like a whole year behind what you get in the States ;p

Anyways, if any one is curious about the CC creams coming out, I read about it on TotalBeauty.com...hope it isn't against the rules to post a site! (If it is, then I am sorry, modgods...)
Originally Posted by Knotty_Maddy
No problem! I've been following the BB/CC cream thing for a really long time hoping for something that works for NW/C40+ ladies will come out soon because I love the idea of a one-stop-shop product!

If you're in Canada, have you tried Marcelle's BB Cream? That seems to be one of the few that keep coming up as something close to a "real" BB Cream in the sense it's an all in one product (moisturizer, primer, foundation) but I don't think it has the skin benefiting ingredients -___-. Here are some swatches compared to Maybelline's BB Cream.
Originally Posted by Alice_42
I think I did look at the Marcelle - I think it was the price that stopped me, lol! I will go have another look at it, though! Thanks for your help, Alice - much appreciated
Originally Posted by Knotty_Maddy
Yeah, the price is NOT cute. But I think you get more product in it than the other drugstore ones (ex: the Maybelline one is TINY! It's insultingly small for the price!). I'm hoping they do a holiday sale soon because it's one of the few bb creams I really want to try!

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