For me my Foundation is enough! Itís about making money they are marketing BB cream as something women need in their makeup bags all of a sudden but the truth is before this fad we were all doing pretty well without it.
I have a good foundation with SPF in it and sometimes I use a light concealer so I have no need to slather on another layer of product underneath that.
Every day I see a commercial for a new and improved anti-aging cream, foundation, bb cream, moisturizer, hair dye, face cream, mascara, lipstick...They want us to think there is something wrong with the way we look so we will go out and keep buying tons of new things to cover our faces in.
Iím all for makeup but Iím not for making women think these things are essential to looking great.
Just use what you need, if you like the bb cream fine if you don't need it don't feel you have to buy into the fad.