I should have looked at the ingredients because they are the same as long aid glycerin curl activator. I love the milk and the shampoo so I got the souffle thinking I might be on a roll but naw. My hair never got dry and it was sticky and tacky and greasy. Yes it hung and showed off my length but honestly it looked like a jehri curl. I like big fluffy 70s hair not 80s. I washed it out and put it my kinky curly custard. Im not mad about the money because it was cheap but the time to do my hair twice in less than 24 hours is considerable. Hopefully my hair will dry before the baby wakes so I can take the curlers off of my braids and go outside.
Poo- Deva, Wen, Shea Moisture
Co- Aubrey Organic, GPD DevaOne.
Detangler- Aussie moist, Dove
LI- SM Curling Milk, infusium
KCCC KT on certain days
Oil- Coconut, jojoba,
Goal: Peace, healthy hair and to not spend alot of time and money on my hair.