Oh lawdy. Furbies are back
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I SAW THAT, they're like 50 bucks too.

I hope my parents didn't pay that much for mine when I got one, which i still have btw. And it still scares me.
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Haha! I would always stare at them in the store and think, "these little ******** are weird. The random talking in the middle of the night would have freaked me out too and the price for fear is unreal. I have mentioned here before that Rainbow Brite was my arch enemy. I came across her in storage last month and stood 5 feet away screaming KILL IT!!! That doll freaked me out.

Haunting music hour is upon us again.

Gus Gus, Is Jesus Your Pal?

Peter Gabriel, We Do What We're Told

Portishead, Mysterons

Nirvana, Something in the Way

Tori Amos doing a cover of DM's Enjoy the Silence

Ahhhh. Fifi+Beer+Music=Joy
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??