well technically sarah isn't cheating. hank kissed her. she didn't kiss back. she didn't reveal it to mark but i'm not sure if she should. i think in a way she convinced mark that they could/should be more (last season). if she'd just let things play themselves out maybe he wouldn't have come around and proposed, then she could be with hank. he's a much better match. good lesson here.

agree, christina and adam needed to help hattie feel comfortable about going back to school. her whole life has been in the shadow of max and it would be in the shadow of christina's cancer. it's best for her to go to school and try to live her life. i am worried that the aggressive cancer might mean christina might die. a lady at my church, who was a nurse ironically, had this same kind of cancer. she died almost a year after diagnosis. totally sad and devastating. she left behind two teen daughters and her hubby of 17 or 18 years.

i really liked when jabari showed crosby how to pray. that was a sweet father son moment. i love how crosby is as a father. he's not perfect but he's got a wonderful heart!!

so....my dvr didn't record an episode tonight. did one come on? i looked that one isn't set to record next week presumably because of the election...

i love this show!!!
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