That's exactly what it is.

Further, the more porous your hair is the more that humectant use in the appropriate dew points will be relevant to your hair. Ultimately just try to keep your hair as moisturized as possible and monitor how your hair reacts to different ingredients in different dews. You'll then figure out how much concern you need to have re. dews and humectants. Everyone's hair is different, but paying attention to dew points can help choose the right products/ingredients if you find your hair is more sensitive.
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I'm assuming KCCC has humectants as well and that's why my hair loved it in the summer. However, once cold weather hit I noticed my hair was drier in the crown and around the front of my face. Not a significant amount but enough for ME to notice.
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Yeah, it has agave nectar. I personally don't like to single out one ingredient as the cause of like or dislike of a product or the deciding factor on performance. But humectants in a higher concentration in a product being used in a climate where the dew is low will produce those kind of results. You can just seal with an anti-humectant to counteract the effect if you don't want to switch out your products.
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I never thought of that. Would you mind naming some on the ground anti-humectants for me?