I'm not paleo, but I'm grain-free. I still allow myself to eat cheese, yogurt, dark chocolate, legumes, and tubers moderately, but I do not consume grains. My diet mainly consists of vegetables, fruit, meat, and fats. I feel great eating this way, but it may not be for everyone. I have reason to believe due to observing characteristics of myself and my family that I have a difficulty processing grains and excess carbohydrates. When I eat grains I tend to feel bloated, like my stomach swells slightly. It is also hard for me to keep weight off. I learned this by experimenting with going grain-free for a month and a half. I wanted to know if my body would approve or not. Not only did I lose weight without trying but I got some unexpected compliments on how clear and nice my complexion was (my skin was always acne prone when I ate grains). Overall, it works for me.
*BIG CHOP: September 22, 2012*
*Last Relaxer: April 15, 2012*