I've been using henna for about 7 months now, I think, and I love it. I use Jamila from HennaSooq, and I'm very, very happy with it. The lawsone content is 2.6%, and it gives me the perfect shade of red for my skin tone. Not too cool and not too warm. Even my absolutely brilliant colorist told me to keep using henna because it suits me so well. I had to stop chemical coloring because my hair just couldn't take it anymore.

Just yesterday a complete stranger walked up to me and said "your hair is the most amazing color I've ever seen. I love it! It's absolutely amazing!" That made my day.
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Wow, exciting to hear a colorist approve of henna! I feel like most folks at salons don't know much about henna and dislike what they've heard about it's permanence and potential to cause dryness (if you don't take care to moisturize after.) And yay for complements from strangers!

My hair is dark brown, but I've definitely notice the red tint in my hair. I want to push to to a darker auburn though! I love the smoothness the treatments add to my hair. I'm waiting for my package of Mehandi's Rajasthani Twilight... So excited.
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