Idk if I totally understand your question.

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Essentially wouldn't making insurance prices transparent and competitive put some at a disadvantage if the price for decent insurance is already high? My second question is taking away subsidies and other federal funds for those who want to try to use greener and more sustainable energy kinda messed up? I think those were my 2 main questions
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For the healthcare, read this article
I think it addresses your question.

For energy, I think you can be the judge of that. That's why your vote is up for grabs. You're voting on the issues that matter most to you, because you won't get everything you want in one candidate. If you think the governments investment in sustainable energy is important then you know that the candidate that doesn't agree with you on that issue has less of a chance getting your vote.

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Thanks. Only problem is this wasn't a Romney vs. Obama thing. I was researching a completely different candidate but I guess that is what would be meant about making insurance competitive. I am going to vote today and still am like ??????. I just don't want to vote at all. *trudges to the shower*
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