Wow, exciting to hear a colorist approve of henna! I feel like most folks at salons don't know much about henna and dislike what they've heard about it's permanence and potential to cause dryness (if you don't take care to moisturize after.) And yay for complements from strangers!
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Honestly, he didn't know much about henna other than the usual misinformation, but he was willing to listen to me (I did a LOT of research first) and then he also researched it for himself. When he saw the final outcome, he was very impressed. He thankfully didn't say anything about it's potential for dryness because I would have asked him about potential dryness with chemical coloring...

My hair is dark brown, but I've definitely notice the red tint in my hair. I want to push to to a darker auburn though! I love the smoothness the treatments add to my hair. I'm waiting for my package of Mehandi's Rajasthani Twilight... So excited.
Twilight is a very nice henna. I did strand tests with 4 different hennas. The Jamila henna was the best color for me, but my natural hair is lighter than yours. Let us know how it turns out!
2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.