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Any who, Alice, I've heard on the e-streets that Iman is releasing a BB cream specificly for WOC (which in her range includes women of Asian, Latino, and African heritage). Looks interesting. Have you heard rumblings of this anywhere?
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Not yet! Will report back with any information I can find. *Grabs trench coat and fedora and hits the e-streets noire style*

[EDIT] Based on what I could find, which wasn't much, they're pretty hush hush about it, it's going to come in 6 shades (RAISE THE CHOIR!). Like coilynapp said, release date in January 2013 online and March 2013 in stores. And based on the behind the scenes promo shot, it looks like there WILL be a shade for NW50+ ladies Yay!! We can all have nice things!

We can probably expect a dewy luminous finish so if you have oily skin you might want to pass on this product based on this description of the campaign shot makeup "my intention was to make the skin look dewy, sexy and touchable so that when a woman sees it she says 'I want to look like that.'" How dewy is dewy? Not sure, but some of the ladies in the photos are looking pretty close to greasy. How much of that is due to lighting and what looks like crappy cell phone photography? No clue.

I wonder what causes the 3 month delay for in store stocking. Or what the prices are going to be. I'm not a huge fan of Iman prices because for a few dollars more, I can get a MAC product AND test that out before purchase. I going to estimate upwards of $15 for 1 oz because that's the price of their liquid foundation and I doubt they're going to go lower than that for (1) a new product (2) no other drugstore brand has priced their BB creams less than their foundations (Maybelline's BB Cream retails for about $9-11 and their Fit Me foundation goes for around $6-9, L'oreal's BB Cream $10-19 vs. Foundations from $9-12) And lastly, no words on the ingredients so I don't think we'll be able to find out if this is a "real" BB Cream (SPF and skin care benefits) or just a fancy tinted moisturizer.

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