These men are a trip

I talk to you and you let me know that youre not looking for a relationship but you want relationship benefits. I respond not my style. You try on and off for the next month and realize Im serious.

Two months go by and then you pop out of nowhere saying hello via text. I didnt know who you were, Youre testing the waters. Same answer. you disappear.

now you pop up with a lame excuse and when I call you on your bullcrap explaining I dont want to hang out with you because One, we never talk only via text and two, we arent looking for the same thing, You have the nerve to get offended.

huh... where dey do that at??

Now im argumentative ? What?? Im explaining to you nicely, that I dont do text message invitations.

Now you have the nerve to act offended?? Is this the caliber of men?> pff you can have it.

I'm quite good!