I did my BIG CHOP YESTERDAY! I am a very compulsive person... My original plan was to go 18 months before I did my big chop ... .... spent my day at work watching youtube videos of girls who did their big chop.. and decided that if I didn't do it "today" then I will probably never go natural.... I have tried going natural many times and went back to the creamy crack ...

I literally got off work.. walked in the house.. went to the bathroom and cut my APL relaxed hair... .... it looked a HOT MESS... luckily my friend does hair so I went to her salon and she fixed me up nicely

I've always been a "I need long relaxed hair in order to be cute" type of person .. mostly because of my mother... and boy was I wrong... I look finer without it.. lol

I'm excited about this journey and can't wait to see how my hair grows... I will be lurking to see what products everyone is using....... I'm getting sengalese twists before I go home (not trying to hear my mom's mouth)- mind you, I am a grown woman.. lol... shame, I know.

Just thought I would share my lil story! .. oh my last relaxer was June 16th so I am about 19 weeks post wooo hoooo
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