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I use henna, and haven't found it to be drying at all. In fact, my hair has returned to its natural oiliness since I quit using chemicals (commercial and salon dye).

My hair is naturally red, but the henna adds intensity I'd lost as I've aged . It's also really easy to slap on my hairline when I notice grey shining through.

Only one stylist talked about henna with me, and he gave me such a bad haircut, I've tuned out the details.

I like it for its ease of application; having control over my own color; its value; and the vividness of color I get.

(RCW persuaded me to use it, and she was right. Credit where credit is due.)
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I only have a few grays starting to pop up, but they drive me crazy! I also like the vividness of the henna color and hope to get more of it now that I'm not using a premixed bar. Glad to hear henna doesn't dry out your hair! That's one of the things that made me hesitate trying the BAQ hennas.

I've been using henna for a year or so. The one that gives me the best color is hennasooq's red raj. It covers my greys wonderfully.
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I'm so excited for Red Raj to be back in stock! Once it is, I'm gonna pounce!
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