I have type 3 a/b curl, it always depends on the day. My issue is that no matter what I do it frizzes but it's still well moisturised! My hair is soft and retains moisture quite well but it doesn't stop the frizz! It is also quite flat at the top no matter how well my layers are cut, one week later and I feel like Pyramid head again!

I do everything right, co-wash in cold water only, use leave in conditioner products, air dry only, barely touch it once I've put the products in 5 minutes after my shower. I sleep on a satin pillow only(uni student, can't afford silk), I try not to put too much product in so that it won't weigh it down, I keep changing products because I just can't find any that work for me but I couldn't use no product at all or my hair would be far worse! At the moment I'm using argan oil, a leave in conditioner and I change between a third product, sometimes a mousse, sometimes more of a gel sort of thing. I occasionally use a loreal hair mask in the shower.

Its also worth a mention that I live in Brisbane, Australia which can be quite humid but regardless of weather it's always the same. I don't even go out in the sun that much but I have a few thick strands that seem quite dry in comparison to the rest of my hair. I'm actually thinking about shaving it all off and starting again!

I just don't know what to do anymore, please help me!