I've been around these boards forever, but haven't spent time on the hair boards in years. I have 3b curls, that I like a little better when they're pulled out a bit to 3a curls. I have a LOT of hair, and a TON of volume. I'd guess it's described as coarse and high porosity. It's about shoulder length, and I'm working on growing it out longer. I only wet my hair every few days. My second-day hair is a little frizzier, but fine. I actually like it better than first-day hair. Third day hair is fine on days where I'm not trying to impress anyone. :-)

I've been using the Deva Care products for years now, and I really like them. The One Conditioner and ArcAngel gel, with some of the Set me Up pomade stuff for a little extra hold and weight. Also, coconut oil has been a bit of a holy grail for me--I use it as an occasional deep conditioner, or occasionally as a sealant.

Lately I've been feeling like my hair is a little frizzy and unmanageable. I was hoping someone could give me some insights. Do you think I would benefit from a protein treatment, or would that make my hair go crazy? I have no idea if my hair loves/hates protein. Maybe I should just use more coconut oil for a while? Or is a different kind of oil better? Is there an awesome CG-friendly product that I should use instead of something I already do?

Frizz, too much volume, and a coarse feel are my biggest issues overall.

(Note: I've been away from these boards for so long that I have no idea what most of the abbreviations mean anymore, so if anyone is nice enough to respond, please spell it out for me!)
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