my hair's been very strange and not nice looking for the past few days. the top has always been flat and straights, and my hair has been looking very flat and dull. and if it hasn't been flat and dull, it's been dry with frizzies galore. i try different product combos almost daily but i can't find anything to do with this. whenever i cut back on the condish and cream stylers, but hair ends up crunchy and stingy and dry, and whenever i use a little too much condish or cream stylers, my hair feels greasy and is flat. can anyone help me? the current products i have are... condish
~b2b pom condish
~vo5 strawberries and cream condish
~activate 'poo
~gf s&s leave in
~la looks curls gel
~citre shine gel
~suave healthy curls spray gel spray gel
~loreal out of bed
~loreal tightly wound gel
~gf brilliantine shine cream gel
~gf brilliantine shine wet shine gel

phew! i think that's it. anyway, any help would be appreciated. kthnxbye
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politics is like me and my buddy going hippo hunting. we shoot a hippo and it falls on us. now, instead of using our joint effort of pushing the hippo off of us, we arue for 5 1/2 years on who's idea it was in the first place to go hippo hunting.