Hi Ladies! I love re:coil and I know I will try Beach Bomb at some point soon, but I've been surprised to see no one talking about it here. I was hoping there would be a thread with some more info. I've seen the reviews on naturally curly and other sites and it seems promising, but if anyone has any additional insight I'd love to hear it!
2's+3a/ med density/ normal-high porosity/ fine-med texture, normal elasticity (I think!):
Wash: CJ Daily Fix/Giovanni TTTT
Conditioner: Giovanni TTT
LI: Giovanni DLI, AO Mandarin Magic- Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum for dry, sensitive scalp
Stylers: AG Re:coil, Mop C Curl Cream, CCClite, Spiral Solutions FHG...Sealing w/ Coconut oil
Finishing product: JC Nourish & Shine, MD Strawberry Smoothie