I just ignore them. I AM NOT TRYING TO BE SMART. I'm just saying that being nc.com doesn't have membership fees (praise Lilleth) I know they have to get their revenue somehow. I'm not saying I agree with these ads because They're obviously offensive to a lot of people. But they don't apply to me and I know I don't need botox, Kim K's secrets to blah blah or whatever other crap there is. So I just don't even pay attention.

I think it's cool that this site can have discussions about negative features with administrators in a civil manner and I hope there can be a conclusion where everyone (or most) are happy. But if those "trending topics" ARE keeping the site free I'm gonna just keep going bout my buziness cause I'm not trying to come out of pocket with nothin. Lol

Big Chop: 11/25/09
Cottony/fluffy, medium/coarse, high density & porosity
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