I don't like Pete (is that is name??)

I don't like Abi (not that this is news)

I am so proud of Lisa!!! I'm really, really cheering for her - did you happen to see her on The Jeff Probst Show this week? she was great, so positive. I want her to WIN BIG, or at least make final 3, I think she could do it.

Malcolm is less likable to me now he's been away from Denise a bit - before I thought he was sweet but now I see manipulation (of course, I understand it's all part of the game)

Am really surprised RC got cut - but I did finally feel like we were watching Survivor last night, I really had NO idea going into tribal who was voting with who or for who - and I love that kind of voting situation. Penner's days are numbered - and I think that they are silly (they being him and Skupin (is that right?)) to not realize that they have huge targets and start playing as "I can help you out" and not as if they are in charge of any real numbers themselves. I think if they humbled themselves a bit and asked "how can I stay longer" then maybe people might want to work with them, but promising to bring a block of votes just confirms you need to go if you have that much influence.

I also don't like ex-baseball man. He's too arrogant for me

and wow, I sound really negative in my thoughts here LOL

I would like Denise and Lisa in the final 3 not sure with who.
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