actually my hair LOVES protein. and it's not really damaged at all (i have about four spots with some chunky highlights left, but the rest is all natural). here is my theory: i have fine, wavy hair, but with a fair amount of wave/curl to it. for me, i think the protein helps "boost" the fineness of my hair and give it the legs to keep the curl. at first, i tried to use jessicurl stuff and though i love the smells and would love to be able to use it, it leaves me a frizzy, barely defined mess. however, abba weightless gel does wonders. so does the herbal essence curl up mousse that has protein. i also use the trader joe's conditioner that has protein. i am just having a protein love fest basically.
HG: Abba Weightless Gel. Add a touch of honey and frizz be gone!!